View from Dorćol

A book of short tales about the oldest district of Belgrade

Our task was to create the promotional material for a luxury residential development located in a historic district in central Belgrade – Dorćol. Instead of the classic eyewitness materials, we opted for the content marketing: we proposed writing a book of short stories, which describe the rich history of this (bon vivan) city quarter through a mix of fiction and historical facts. The client appears as the publisher of the book, which also gives the project a CSR character.

The book contains 19 stories; it is luxuriously printed and rich in photographs and illustrations. The tales are easy to read and provide a full insight into the vibrancy and richness of the Dorćol tradition. They cover the most significant events from nearly 2000 years of Dorćol’s history.

Some of the titles are: Crossroad of Four Streets, Legia IV Flavia Felix, Famous Kafana’s in Dorćol (“Kafana” is traditional Serbian restaurant), Chocolate in Belgrade, The Ugly Duckling of Danube etc.

The book received praise from the readers:
L.D.: “Wonderful, nicely written. A lot of things to learn.”
B.A.: “The book is excellent, kudos. Even the parts of the book with sponsorship pictures are well balanced and discreet.”
K.V.: “Nice book, I really liked it. I didn’t know some things about Dorćol until I read the book.”