MullenLowe and Friends Approach, Purpose and Model Posted on

Everything we do is about getting an Unfair Share of Attention for our clients’ brands.

We place a relentless focus on recommendation, always looking at how we encourage people to talk about, share and participate in brands and ideas.

An Unfair Share of Attention will have a different meaning and take a distinct form for every brand.

Whether it’s a not-for-profit campaign launch with no media spend that achieves millions in earned media, an online film that becomes the most watched YouTube video in the world, a local initiative that spreads to become a global movement or a new brand platform that drives five years of consecutive growth, we look to deliver on and surpass the expectations of our clients across the board.

We work with some of the world’s most innovative marketers: clients who always think like challengers. And so do we.

We look at the brand’s positioning — the norms it can challenge and the cultural conversations it can influence and change. Whether it’s defying category norms, breaking conventions, talking to an audience in a new way or across new channels, changing behaviours through innovation, doing something that’s never been done before or even challenging the client’s brief — this way of thinking gets us to our most creative, exciting and effective work.

From brand planning to creative, digital marketing, public relations and social media, media planning and buying, mobile marketing, design, direct response, marketing to women and performance analytics, we can deliver punches from any direction.

Combined with our challenger mentality, this approach ensures we deliver ideas that maximize the opportunity for the brand as a whole, never just one channel.