Each business year, Sberbank focuses on the development of unique loan product with an aim to differentiate the bank and attract more clients in a very competitive environment. In 2014 and 2015, it was Bonus Loan, the only loan that actually returns money to clients, and the campaign was developed in cooperation with MullenLowe and Friends. This year, Sberbank challenged us to create a campaign and branding for a new loan that has benefits not offered by any bank operating in Serbia: maximum amount, the longest period of repayment, and all at a very favourable interest rate.

It didn’t take too long for us to come up with a solution for a product name – Super Loan – and to adopt the concept of a superhero as the main character in a TV advertisement, which comes just in time to solve all the problems of families in need for financial support. The question was whether the superhero should be man or woman, a family member or banking officer; also it was a challenge to create an intriguing plot of the story. Following the model of communication that Sberbank uses in all European countries in which it operates, we had come to a solution that emphasises family relationships. The main character is actually a mother, who becomes a superhero in the eyes of her children when she fulfils children’s wishes.